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Beast Academy Online Contest

Please read carefully, as the BAO Contest rules have changed since last year!

The Beast Academy Online Contest runs until 11:59pm ET April 3, 2022 April 17, 2022, and is open to students enrolled in Math Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 at AoPS Academy physical campuses. You can access Beast Academy Online through the Homework tab of your Course Homepage or by clicking on the View Leaderboards button below.


Contest rankings are determined by how much XP each student earns in the course level that they are enrolled in.

Participants earn XP in the following manner:

  • XP can be earned by solving problems, earning stars and trophies, reading the digital Guide book, and watching videos.
  • Participants earn XP for completing Beast Academy Online lessons regardless of whether those lessons are assigned as homework.
  • Students can only earn XP for the contest by completing the work in their enrolled course level. For example, a student who enrolled in a Math Level 4 class can only earn XP for this contest by completing work in Beast Academy Online Level 4.
  • XP is not transferable; if the student switches to another course level to another while the contest is ongoing, the XP accumulated in their previous class level cannot count toward their new class level’s contest score.

The chapters will be gradually released throughout the year.


Prizes for the top 10 students in each eligible course will be awarded after the contest ends. Top scorers will be awarded Amazon gift cards in the amounts shown below.

  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $75
  • 3rd place: $50
  • 4th - 7th place: $25
  • 8th - 10th place: $10

Students must be enrolled in the corresponding course at AoPS Academy on April 3, 2022 to be eligible for a prize.

Have questions?

Check out the Contest FAQs!
  • I have completed all of the problems that are currently unlocked. Is it possible to unlock the next section for me?
    • There is no way to unlock future sections. Sections unlock gradually throughout the year.
  • I did some of the lessons in BAO before my Academy class started, do these count?
    • Yes! Any XP earned in your current grade level in this Academic Year will count towards your total score on the leaderboards.
  • Can I earn XP from the Puzzle Lab?
    • No, unfortunately not. XP can only be earned by solving problems, earning stars and trophies, reading the digital Guide book, and watching videos.
  • Can I earn XP from playing the same lesson over and over and over again?
    • No. Students do not earn XP for correct answers when replaying a problem set that they have already played within the last three days.
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